Watch Fetish: The 1960s IBM Wall Clock

So no…this isn’t exactly a watch, but it is a pretty dope piece of time. My watch infatuation started when I was 5 years old and I got a calculator watch as a gift. From that point on I had a huge obsession with not just watches, but time. Lost time can never be found so every second, minute, hour or your day is significant because it only takes a second for your whole life to change.

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. partnered with IBM to exclusively produce their iconic 1960s standard issue wall clock. Over the last 100 years IBM has evolved from producing time clocks to pioneering data processing. This classic clock celebrates IBM’s product heritage and centennial along with Schoolhouse’s recent product expansion into iconic American home and office products.

The clock is a faithful reproduction of the classic IBM clocks found in offices, warehouses and schools during the mid-20th century. Hand assembled in Schoolhouse Electric’s Portland, Oregon Factory, it is constructed with a USA made spun steel case, domed glass lens, and the original graphic hands and faceplate design. Operated by a Quartz movement with a red, continuous sweep second hand.

SOURCE: AContinuousLean

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