Indie Spotlight: Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Colorado’s Own H*Wood

H*Wood, Hollywood, Brandyn Bordeaux
City: Denver, Colorado
Genre: DubStep fused with HipHop
Crew: #THEUNITinc
Label: Pangea Music Group
Studio: Decibal Gardens
Can’t do W/O: Dreds
Favorite Artists: 3Stacks, Coldplay, Nero, Flux Pavillion, Jessie J
Favorite Book: Encoded by Jay Z and 48 Laws of Power
Threads: Beanies, VNecks, Vans, Skinny Jeans
Place I must visit in Denver:
Shotgun Willies. Not only does it have topless women but also DOPE DubStep.
Tebow Fan?
I loved Tebow, but you can’t pass up on Peyton. I respect Elway much more for being able to get Manning.
Advice: Hollywood is not a Real place. Come to get what you came for and GET OUT!
TRACK: W.O.R.K. on iTunes now!

By: D The MelonHead

Ok…let’s play a quick trivia. Name a popular DubStep artist that opened for Devin The Dude at the age of 19. No answer? This same artist was number 1 in digital downloads in Germany in 2010.  No? That didn’t help? Ok last hint…this artist can’t do without his dreds nor a steady dose of UGK, Swisha House, Mr. Pookie and Lucci? Ok…the Answer? Denver, Colorado’s own H*Wood.  Remember now? The artist who had one of the top hits in 2010, “Could It Be You”.

For those who don’t know what DubStep is (don’t worry, I was clueless until this interview) here’s a definition: “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.”  Odds are you have heard a steady dose of it in most clubs across the world.  Having its origins in the UK, this new genre has begun to dominate most mainstream and underground music as its deep basslines and drum patterns make it the perfect “get crazy” tracks.

 H*Wood, an African-American male from Denver who fell in love with music after 3Stacks’ Love Below dropped, doesn’t fit the stereotype of what you think DubStep looks like, and he’s perfectly fine with that.  At 15 his parents divorced which resulted in him attending 5 different high schools, “My high school experienced forced me to be a chameleon. My diverse experiences is definitely reflected in my music” H*Wood states.  After leaving home at 19 to head to Hollywood to rap and refusing to return to Denver without a deal, H*Wood started a writing and rhyming O.D.  “When I was younger, there were a couple artists from Colorado that made it “big” and stopped repping CO and started reppin another more popular city, state.”  He continues…

”That’s when I knew I wanted to be great, legendary.  I want my shit in the VAULTS. Timeless music!”

That’s what motivated this workaholic who dedicates every second of his day perfecting his craft.

Now you are probably still wondering, how this lyrical menace ended up penning what you will see is one of the dopest tracks this year in any genre, let alone DubStep.  Well here it goes:  In 2010, after hearing a demo recorded by H*Wood, legendary producer Rodney Jerkins signed H*Wood to Dark Child Records.  Jerkins, who has produced hits for artists such as Beyonce, Avant, and Michael Jackson, heard H*Wood’s demo of “Could It Be You” and knew he had to sign him. Speaking on his time with Jerkins H*Wood feels, “It was definitely a blessing to work with Rodney.  What I learned most from him was how important it is to balance family and business [work].”  “Could It Be You” was a huge 2010 Summer hit but had the signs of One-Hit Wonder all over it. “It got to a point where I was sick of hearing the song. I wanted to be legendary because of a body of work, not 1 single.”  Despite hundreds of thousands of downloads and hitting number one even in Germany, H hit the studio.  Towards the end of the summer 2010, he heard DubStep and was instantly attracted by the drum patterns and felt this would be a great challenge for him. So he submerged himself in the DubStep music and culture, broke it down and rebuilt it the way that only he could.  To go along with the drum patterns, H*Wood has added live instruments and the best part:  rapping throughout the track.  The Day “Watch The Throne” dropped, he knew he could make his music popular.

“In April 2011 I did a freestyle to Flux Pavillion’s “I Cant’ Stop”. This track would go on to be rapped to by Jay-Z and Kanye for the track ‘Who Gon’ Stop Me’.  ”I remember hearing it [Who Gon' Stop Me] and me and my boys were just going crazy.”

Now the result of his PHD in DubStep? Using his chameleon skills of old, H*Wood has successfully fused DubStep and HipHop on the lead single W.O.R.K. from his new LP Equilibrium on his new independent label, Pangea Music Group.  This synth-led track with a heavy bass starts with H*Wood paying homage and then going into beast mode. So take a listen to The MelonHeads’ new favorite indie artist and THEUNITinc’s own, H*Wood.  I promise you will be sold in the first 30 seconds.

Check out W.O.R.K. on iTunes.

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