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bodega brovas – we got it

DALLAS STAND UP!!!!! The Bodega Brovas are ready to unleash their Fancy Anthrax mixtape mixed by DJ Fisher Pryce on September 13th via HiPNOTT Records. To prep for the release Travii, Keynote and Headkrack put together a wild video for … Continue reading

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lil will x the dougie

Real folks know where the dougie came from and who originated it. Dallas. YEP. Love Cali for taking it to the next level in popularity BUT Dallas is the originators of most of the dances in music today…true story. Lil … Continue reading

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its oh so timeless!!

Had the pleasure of meeting this brother 2 summers ago, dominating a meeting amongst those much older than him. I knew then that his MelonHead was speaking to him. Not even two years later, here he is releasing a Look … Continue reading

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So you’re probably wondering what the heck is The MelonHeads and what happened to Watermelon Democracy® Apparel? Welllll…OBVIOUSLY we have a NAME CHANGE going on around here (just kidding).  But in seriousness, Watermelon Democracy was a GREAT brand and an … Continue reading

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