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FRIED CHICKEN x @kfcrip “Dante’s Fried Chicken”

So me and the boo….stop reverse that…the boo and I, are on a mad hunt to find the DOPEST Fried Chicken that good ole LA (and its surrounding areas) has to offer. Now me, I love fried chicken…but my taste buds are on that homeless shit (everything taste good to me). For me, its either good or terrible…no gray area. However, the boo is extremely picky when it comes to a dishes flavor, plating, creativity…you know, all that Food Network and CHOPPED stuff. Seriously…in fact, her food blog is coming soon.

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(EP) Cameron Jordan – Hiroshima

Today, South Central LA native and Penn State student, Cameron Jordan releases his highly anticipated EP, Hiroshima

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the poster child: blake griffin

Dope article from the Ben & Aaron Sports Blog. Check it! I try to keep a level head when discussing sports. I try not to be a homer. I am a Sooner bred and will be a Sooner dead, so … Continue reading

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The Hundreds x Garfield Art Show

I had the fortune of attending The Hundreds x Garfield collaboration Art Show at their Pop-Up store in Santa Monica. After waiting in line for nearly 2 hours….I was finally able to get in and check out the the artwork, … Continue reading

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heelarryus video sequence….blake griffin vs. andre miller

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So you’re probably wondering what the heck is The MelonHeads and what happened to Watermelon Democracy® Apparel? Welllll…OBVIOUSLY we have a NAME CHANGE going on around here (just kidding).  But in seriousness, Watermelon Democracy was a GREAT brand and an … Continue reading

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